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Facebook users are complaining that they can’t delete their posts anymore

FACEBOOK HAS removed the ability for users to delete their own posts from the web version of the service.

Users across the world have taken to other social networks to complain that the functionality has been removed. At the time of writing Facebook is yet to confirm or deny the situation but we’ve just checked and it appears that we can still delete – though there are plenty of people who can’t.

The problem was first flagged by The Next Web‘s Matt Navarra:

Additionally, the functionality is still there for iOS and Android native app users. As such, there’s one of two possible explanations. One is that there is a glitch in the Matrix which is only affecting certain servers.

The other is that Facebook has decided to play mind games again.

Previously, the company has deliberately labelled posts as ‘Fake News’ to test people’s reaction. Former Chairman Sean Parker recently said that he was concerned about the effect that Facebook was having on our brains.

But it’s not all bad news, as this story was unfolding, Facebook also released a new set of guidelines for developers which includes the news we’ve all been waiting for…

Invites to play games are being killed off. Can we get an amen to that?

From next February, devs will have to remove anything which uses the mechanism of inviting non-playing friends to the game, so there’ll be no more “John is playing Farmville and needs a combine harvester shoved up his narrow corn hole” to contend with.

After having a trawl around Facebook’s Twitter feed (we know, it’s all very Inception) it seems that they’re not engaging with anyone who has queried the issue. As such if it’s an experiment, they’re letting it play out. If it’s a bug, they don’t know how to fix it, would be our best guesses. µ

Source : Inquirer

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