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Facebook won’t yank Mark Zuckerberg deepfake video from Instagram

Facebook won't yank Mark Zuckerberg deepfake video from Instagram

Fake Zuck is still up on the ‘gram

THE SOCIAL NETWORK Facebook has decided to leave a ‘deepfake’ video of bossman Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram.

Before we pick that apart, a quick recap on deepfakes. In a nutshell, machine learning is used to superimpose an image of a celebrity, or indeed someone else, onto the face of another person. Your normal garden-variety of deepfake usually involves popping the noggin of a celebrity onto that of a pornstar.

Thankfully, this example of deepfaking wasn’t porn related. Rather, it was a fake video of the Facebook founder crediting his success to a secretive organisation, as first spotted my Motherboard.

The video was not an exercise in trolling Zuck, but instead, it was created by artists Bill Posters and Daniel Howe in cahoots with advertising company Canny.

“Imagine this for a second: One man, with total control of billions of people’s stolen data, all their secrets, their lives, their futures,” Fake Zuck can be hear saying in the video. “I owe it all to Spectre. Spectre showed me that whoever controls the data, controls the future.” Bet the Illuminati won’t be happy about that.

By a statement doing the rounds from Facebook seems to show Zuck and Facebook have been taking the whole situation with a somewhat ‘meh’ attitude.

“We will treat this content the same way we treat all misinformation on Instagram,” said a spokesman. “If third-party fact-checkers mark it as false, we will filter it from Instagram’s recommendation surfaces like Explore and hashtag pages.”

Taking that ‘all things are equal’ approach is arguably a noble one, as Facebook isn’t pushing Instagram fact-checkers to drop their work in order to get rid of a troublesome post just because the big boss is in it.

Nevertheless, one could also raise an eyebrow that given it’s been flagged to Facebook by the media, the company should have sprung into action already, Still, Facebook as bigger fish to fry we suppose, such as sucking up your data and paying you for the pleasure. µ

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