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Facebook’s badly redacted document shows it considered selling Graph API access

FACEBOOK HAS added to its list of crimes against privacy, not to mention common sense after a poorly redacted document revealed that the company had considered selling the contents of its Graph APIs to third parties.

Put simply, that means selling aaaaaall your lovely personal data. Just like it keeps telling us it doesn’t.

It came after FB reduced access to the API in order to quell fears about how its data was being exploited. Only then someone thought it was going to be okay to sell it instead, for a quarter of a million dollars a go.

To be absolutely clear, the document only shows that the company was ‘thinking about it’ but given that over a billion people had drunk the Kool Aid by that point, it’s a pretty shocking revelation.

Some of the document even shows more detail of a court case by the now defunct Six4Three, who used the API to find pictures of users in bikinis, with an AI algorithm. This was almost certainly the inspiration for HBO’s Silicon Valley’s (thankfully) fictional ‘Nip Alert’ app.

And how did the Wall Street Journal discover this latest fall from grace? Simple. They took the redacted document and put it into a text viewer, removing the formatting. Someone clearly thought that black-on-black text was enough. Sufficed to say, it isn’t.

Seriously guys, you’re supposed to be tech geniuses.

The news comes in the week that Mark Zuckerberg failed to show for a hearing on combatting fake news, where a bunch of governments were waiting to quiz him.

There have also been calls from San Francisco to drop Zuck’s name from the ‘Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center’ (yes, that’s really what it’s called) in the wake of his continuing scandal magnetism.

Maybe it should be changed to the ‘John McAfee General Get Up And Stop Being Such A Woose Medical Center’. μ

Source : Inquirer

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