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FCC: Net neutrality rules will expire on 11 June

THE US FEDERAL COMMUNICATION COMMISSION’S (FCC) vote to eliminate net neutrality rules, which prohibit ISPs from blocking and throttling lawful internet traffic, will take effect on 11 June, the regulator has announced.

Coming into effect some six months after the initial vote, controversial FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, said the repeal will get rid of “unnecessary and harmful internet regulations” and help spur investment in 5G and other broadband networks.

“For months, many politicians and special interests have tried to mislead the American people about the Restoring Internet Freedom Order,” Pai said in an announcement on Thursday. “Now everyone will be able to see the truth for themselves.”

The repeal vote took place in December last year, but its legitimacy was dependant was on the approval of the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) agency of “modified information collection requirements”.

While he could have allowed the main parts of the repeal to go ahead before now, Pai was cautious and decided to wait for the OMB to sign off on a new version of the transparency rules that require ISPs to publicly disclose network management practices. 

“The OMB approved the transparency rule on 2 May, and the FCC set June 11 as the effective date of the new framework to give providers time to comply with the transparency requirement,” Pai added. 

An official notice of the repeal’s effective date will also be published in the Federal Register tomorrow, the FCC said. 

However, it might not be so easy. A group of states and other organisations have attempted to sue the FCC in a bid to block the new rules from taking effect. 

The US Senate is also set to vote as early as next week on whether to reject the FCC repeal of the net neutrality rules. µ

Source : Inquirer

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