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Firefox 59 released with speed and privacy improvements

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has announced a series of new releases of its open source browser, Firefox.

The big release is Firefox 59, on PC, Mac and Android. It’s the latest version of the newly speed-up-ified  Firefox Quantum that has seemingly brought the company back in from the cold after a long period of decline.

From this edition, you’ll be able to stop web pages from asking for permission to send you notifications, use your camera, microphone or location.

You can white-list sites that you don’t mind having access and then ditch the rest from even asking.

Improved caching should speed up sites, and graphics rendering via Off Main Thread Painting (OMTP) now arrives with on Mac (it was already activated for Windows).

The Private Browsing feature now omits path information, which means that you can’t be seen jumping between sites.

RTC has been tweaked to make it a bit more user-adjustable, while in Android, Firefox has been made an option for the assist button – so you can use it instead of Google Assistant if you hold the centre button.

For users of Amazon Fire TV, there’s a new Firefox version including the option to pin apps to the home screen so you don’t have all that messy URL typing business without a keyboard. It always takes half an hour and you realise you spelt it wrong anyway.

Also new is an Enterprise beta edition. This is, Moz sez, the “final step towards bringing a release version of Firefox Quantum to enterprise users” (that’s generally what betas are, but hey).

The next sentence actually says the Mozilla is “super-excited” without a hint of irony and we stopped reading, at that point but if you want more information you can go to the Mozilla website to download both this beta or the regular Firefox 59 versions.

Firefox for Fire TV is available from the Amazon App Store on your device. µ   

Source : Inquirer

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