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Firefox 64 will suggest add-ons that would make your life easier

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has released Firefox 64, the first update to what is soon to be the last non-Chromium game in town.

There’s a couple of new features to talk about, not to mention that Quantum engine, starting with the rather grandiose-sounding “Contextual Feature Recommender” (CFR). This uses a little dose of cookie magic to identify potential features and add-ons that would make your life easier, based on your behaviour, and offer them up.

To begin with, the feature is only available to US-based users not running Private Browsing, with the suggestions being limited to YouTube Enhancer, Google Translate Enhancer and Facebook Container.

So if you want to leak the fact that you’re translating, sharing and reposting foreign porn, then it’s definitely your lucky day.

The other allows you to organise browser tabs better – into bespoke groups, bookmarks and pinned-open. All you need to do is click whilst pressing shift or control and you can manipulate them as you wish. You can even mute multiple tabs in one hit.

The Task Manager now shows the energy usage of each tab’s contents, and offers the chance to close them with a single click, right from the list.

One other change of note – Symantec’s TLS certificates are no longer supported, starting with this edition. This follows a similar move by Google, after it was found that certain certificates from the vendor has been hacked and cloned and were being used for nafarious purposes.

Oh, and there’s good news for Mac users – WebVR is now available to you too, after a successful rollout in Windows.

This version of Firefox is the first since Microsoft’s announcement last week that it was to ditch EdgeHTML in favour of rebuilding Firefox on the Chromium engine. This brings it in line with all major browsers, except for Apple’s Safari, and of course Firefox. μ

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