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Firefox 67 adds even more speed and some extra privacy

Firefox 67 adds even more speed and some extra privacy

Firefox is protecting you from hackers. And rubbish

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has released the latest version of its Firefox browser, promising it is ‘faster than ever’.

Firefox 67 continues improvements brought by the ‘Quantum Engine’ released last year, which has brought Firefox back in line with its competitors in terms of speed and performance.

Mozilla explains that the new edition works on the theory of “procrastination on purpose” – that is to say the new optimisations deliberately prevent the system from undertaking tasks that could wait, bringing better here-and-now performance.

This manifests as deprioritising lesser used features in favour of the most popular, suspending activity from idle tabs until they’re brought back to the foreground, and removing some unnecessary donkey work for users running a custom theme or adblocker.

There’s a bunch of new privacy features as well. The anti-fingerprinting feature brought in from Tor goes live in the new edition, along with enhanced protection from cryptomining attacks. Both are a couple of button clicks to enable and disable.

Tracking protection is offered for Desktop users (opt-in) and iOS (default), to further styme the many nefarious ways that embedded cookies and other code can be used to build up a picture of your identity.

Other Firefox-unique features include containerisation of Facebook (requires an extension), security from Firefox Monitor and the secure file-sharing Send app.

Private Browsing gets a further tweak allowing you to opt-in to saved passwords for the first time, but also opt out of extensions that perhaps you don’t want running when you’re doing whatever-it-is you do in Private Browsing, you debauched individual.

Mozilla says of the release: “Today’s new Firefox release continues to bring fast and private together right at the crossroads of performance and security. It includes improvements that continue to keep Firefox fast while giving you more control and assurance through new features that your personal information is safe while you’re online with us.”

Other additions include a keyboard toolbar for accessibility settings, a limited rollout of the forthcoming graphics renderer, and improvements to the AV1 media decoding standard, thanks to a new version called dAV1d.

The new version is available from now at or through the relevant app store for your operating system. μ

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