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Firefox Test Pilots add price drop alerts and email tabs

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has announced the latest Test Pilot experiments for its Firefox browser.

Test Pilot is used by the company to test potential features which can then be evaluated for possible graduation to the source code of the browser.

Indeed, in addition to the new Tests, there’s also news of the integration of several more.

For the US that includes Price Wise. When you add a product to your watch list, Firefox will keep an eye on major sites like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Home Depot (more will follow) and let you know if the price drops.

Black Friday is a couple of weeks away, and with so much of the exposure this year surrounding how things aren’t as cheap as you think they are, then maybe it’s time to get AI to help.

We’d imagine this will be expanded to the UK at a later date.

The latest new arrival for Brits, though is email tabs. This feature allows you to add a web page, or snippet to multiple emails at the same time, across multiple tabs. Great if you need to get the Christmas list out to all the relatives in one hit.

It works by sending the data to Gmail, which can then do the heavy lifting of sending it out. You can also store multiple links to a clipboard if you prefer. Again, this is Gmail and initially Gmail alone, though there’s still hope it could come to other clients.

Graduating from Test Pilot are ‘Send’ which allows you to transfer files of up to 1GB. That’ll be fully available before year-end. ‘Color’, which adds customisation options to the browser, and Side View which gives you side-by-side tab options, are available as official extensions.

Test Pilots can be found on the Mozilla website. Simply sign up with an email address and download what you want – but remember – they can bork at any time and none are guaranteed to make it past this stage, but as we’ve seen today, others might. μ

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