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Florida residents warned of zombie attack in latest emergency message borkage

FLORIDA RESIDENTS have been warned of an upcoming zombie attack, aping the AMC series ‘The Walking Dead‘.

A power outage at the emergency control centre led to a message, presumably put in to test the system offline, warning nearly 8000 local residents of ‘Lake Worth and Terminus’.

Terminus is one of the locations used in the hit show. It went on to warn of “extreme zombie activity” and that the time for a fix to the end of the world as we know it was “uncertain”.

The Palm Beach Post reports local social media outlets, who in turn received a confirmation from Ben Kerr, the city’s public information officer.

“We are looking into reports that the system mentioned zombies,” he said. “I want to reiterate that Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity currently and apologise for the system message.”

Power and sanity were restored within 27 minutes and the residents were able to put down their baseball bats with nails hammered into them*

Emergency alerts are not as common in the UK, though the government has looked into a similar system for UK mobile phones to get the latest as a crisis hits.

But already this year, the National Weather Service in the US has sent out a false warning of a tsunami wave, when a test message accidentally went live and back in January, we saw Hawaii residents warned of an incoming ballistic missile.

A subsequent survey from Pornhub revealed that traffic to its dinkle-joy site went up in the aftermath of the all-clear being given.

The problem in Florida was doubtless exacerbated by the number of retirees, virtually walking dead already, in the area making a false alarm more believable.

Add to that, all the people who have stuffed their faces with churros and ridden the Matterhorn at Disneyworld, and you get some idea of this rather laboured joke, which despite clearly being a ridiculous concept, we’ve dragged out into an entire paragraph. µ

*yes, we know that’s more of a Stranger Things reference

Source : Inquirer

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