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Former NASA engineer turns smartphones into a bomb made of glitter and farts

AS WE GET closer to Christmas day, there’s likely to be a lot of packages flying around, and that means a lot of packages left on doorsteps, from Amazon and beyond. 

Which also means packages getting nicked from doorsteps.

A former NASA engineer who had fallen foul to the pilferers of pressies has spent the last six months coming up with a solution to the problem.

The result: the empty box from an Apple Homepod. Four old smartphones. A circuit board. And a pound of glitter.

Let’s not mince words here. Rober created a bomb. Yes, it’s a glitter bomb. But a bomb nonetheless. Just be grateful he’s on our side.

An accelerometer triggers it to check the GPS. The GPS confirms if the package has been moved. The phones would the start recording the fun.

To ensure the glitter would be spread as far and wide as possible, it was placed in a cup on a motorised spindle which would spin around when the box was opened.

For good measure, a tube of “fart spray” is also let-off (pun intended) every 30 seconds. It’s just a way of saying “hug”

The package was left outside Mr Rober’s house with a label on it saying it was from Kevin McCallister. For the less-of-geek, that’s McAuley Culkin’s thief beating child character in Home Alone.

The results speak for themselves. The package was indeed stolen, multiple times and then retrieved and reset. Each time the package exploded, the thief ran off, covered in glitter and stinking of farts.

Which sounds like the morning after a few nights out we’ve been on.

Rumours that Hermes want to apply this solution to all packages before they are thrown into the nearest bush are unconfirmed. 

Rober decided to take action after the police told him they were unable to track down the thieves who stole his original package, despite them being caught on his home security camera.

Rober hasn’t got much reason to complain about his crime spree. The video has already had six million views. µ

Source : Inquirer

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