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Galaxy Note 10 set to dwarf iPhone XS Max with ‘biggest ever’ screen

IT’S BEEN LESS than two months since the Galaxy Note 9 arrived on shelves, and we’re already hearing chatter about next year’s flagship.

According to Korean website The Bell, next year’s Galaxy Note 10 will be Samsung’s biggest smartphone yet with a 6.66in OLED display, 0.26in larger than the screen found on the Galaxy Note 9 and, according to the report, biggest than next year’s iPhone XS Max sequel.

Samsung won’t wait until late in 2019 to take the fight to Apple’s latest flagship, though, as the report notes that the Galaxy S10, set to debut early next year, will sport an XS Max-rivalling 6.44in screen.  

The other two S10 versions are expected to stay at 5.8in, the same size as the current Galaxy S9.

Despite its super-sized screen, the Galaxy Note 10 is unlikely to feature a larger footprint than Samsung’s latest Note flagship. The Bell notes that the phone’s bezels will continue to decrease in size, which could result in the phone’s dimensions remaining largely unchanged. 

The Bell also notes that it’s still early in the phone’s development cycle, so specs could change between now and the Note 10’s unveiling in the “second half of 2019”. However, it says that since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster, the company has extended the amount of time it spends developing phones from six months to one year.

The report doesn’t tell us much else about the smartphone, but recent rumours suggest that Samsung is planning to remove the headphone jack on either the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11. Instead, the company will rely on a combination of the phone’s USC Type-C port and a bundled headphone dongle. 

Reports haven’t said why Samsung would want to get rid of the headphone jack but speculate that, like other manufacturers, the company simply wants to save space for other parts. µ

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