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Gingemoji is finally coming to iOS and Android this year

RACISM IS BEING CRUSHED as much as possible by many tech firms, but poor red-haired folks, often called gingers, have long faced persecution through emoji disclusion. Until now.

Gods of the emoji world, the Unicode Consortium, said the 2018 bundle of faces and things are “fixed and final” and will for the first time contain emojis for ginger people. Or, ‘gingemojis’. 

Sitting amid such new emojis as ‘pleading face’, ‘partying face’, and ‘woozy face’, red-haired humans of all manners of skin tones can find female and male faces with a carrot-coloured crop of fulsome hair.

All this means that phone and software makers such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and other can start designing their own ginger emojis to track alongside the guidelines set out by the Unicode Consortium.

So yes fiery-bonced folks, the time has finally come for you to throw off the shackles of oppression and run wildly out into the beaming sun of a new dawn; just make sure you have the Factor 50 on.

But wait, not all is as rosy as a copper-haired Irish lass dancing a merry jig. As the intrepid tech journalists that we are here at The INQUIRER, we delved deeper into the Emoji 11.0 release and discovered that the ginger lovin’ only goes so far.

The new ‘supervillain’ and ‘superhero’ emojis come in a variety of skin tones and hair colours, from pale white to deep black. But try as we might, we couldn’t find examples of redhead heroes or crooks.

Does this mean that gingers are simply not heroic or villainous enough to warrant such an emoji? Or are the Unicode Consortium people simply too repulsed by the idea of a flame-haired heroine rescuing them from marauding poos with murder in their eyes?

Now understanding that our marmalade-topped brethren may find this omission to be disturbing, we contacted the Unicode Consortium for clarification as to why the under-representation of gingers remains.

However, the Consortium has yet to respond, presumably because it’s too busy working on how to make various fruit emojis double as both a sign of healthy eating and having a pert posterior or throbbing erection.

Emojis have come a long way from cartoon yellow faces, but there are still plenty of people, cultures and groups that remain left out in the cold; we’ve yet to see an Amish emoji for example. Then again we doubt they’d get to see it either. µ

Source : Inquirer

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