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GitHub devs warn Microsoft ‘ditch that contract with ICE or lose us’

A GROUP of angry GitHub users is calling for the company’s new parent, Microsoft to ditch its involvement with the ICE (US Customs) forces, including those involved in conflict over family separation at the Mexican border.

The group is threatening to drop GitHub as its code repository of choice in protest at the tie-up.

The signatories join several hundred employees of Microsoft who are now joining calls for the company to ditch its ICE contract over the matter.

The GitHub petition talks openly of how many developers chose to leave GitHub specifically over the Microsoft takeover of its company for $7.5bn. It goes on to point out that those who remain had decided to give Microsoft a chance to prove itself, and this is that time.

It says: “Those of us who remained, because we were willing to give Microsoft a chance to become a steward of the open source movement, will not continue to do so should Microsoft continue to abet the trampling of human and civil rights by this administration and its law enforcement agencies.”

Before issuing its final ultimatum:

“We call on Microsoft to end its relationship with ICE and any federal agencies engaged in enforcing the cruel policies of this administration, which is destroying families and jailing asylum seekers, undocumented long-term residents, and even naturalized citizens under threat of deportation. Or, we will simply take our projects elsewhere.”

Anyone who wishes to add their name to the list can add a pull request to the project.

Microsoft’s project with ICE is understood to be worth a cool (as ICE) $19.4m, but given that GitHub cost many times that, and Microsoft has already had its fingers burnt by the Nokia deal which cost them billions in failure, the company may need to think very carefully before it carries on supporting the vastly unpopular programme.

A list of ICE employees was leaked on social media including GitHub, Medium and Twitter who have all made moves to get it taken down. µ

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