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GitHub Enterprise 2.14 brings unified search of cloud and local

NEWLY-ACQUIRED code repository Github has launched a new version of its enterprise app.

“For the first time, your team can connect to the power of the open source community—and find lots of ways to get more work done” it quoth.

Amongst the new features, there’s a unified search engine that brings together results from Enterprise and Business Cloud instances. This will allow you to search for projects without putting your computer security down a peg or two.

Also new is the Checks API, a preview feature that offers materials for tools for continuous integration, linting and acceptance testing – adding the ability to add more status information during builds and collect richer data.

A new multiple issue template will allow project maintainers to organise contributions from large numbers of contributors and filter out noise posts. There’s also an improvement to the setup process.

Ignore White Space does exactly what you’d expect it to, triggering it can offer a view that’s a little easier to comprehend.

When a product gets to a point of being business critical, it may be that peer reviewing doesn’t give the level of security that would avoid, for example, a showstopping bug.

Fortunately, now you can select the number of reviewers with authorisation credentials must review the pull request before it is merged into the main branch. Also, the previous 30 day limit for dormant developers access has been made adjustable for up to 90 days. Ideal for holidays, hangovers or a break in development.

On the admin side, the system will automatically create support tickets and send the diagnostic data as part of the set-up process, which should speed things up.

There’s an option for anonymous git access, if you so desire, as well as some more granular permissions, hovercards, jump to options and tweaks to all the dashboards.

Full details and the download link can be found here. μ

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