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Goldeneye ‘Speed Runner’ record broken after 15 years

THERE ARE few games that have had the longevity of Goldeneye, 1995 James Bond tie-in.

It was released in 1997 for N64 and it is that version that is considered the definitive for so-called speed-runners, who attempt to complete the first ‘Dam’ level in the fastest time despite many remakes since.

For 15 years, despite many attempts, the record stood at 53 seconds. Many thought it was unbeatable. But yesterday, Australian Karl Jobst recorded for posterity that he’d managed to get through in 52, reports gaming site Kotaku.

“F-ck! F-ck! Oh my god! Oh my god!” he said, helpfully. 

Bryan Bosshardt set the previous record in September 2002 and although it has been matched 126 times, but never beaten. 

The rules are simple. You play on “Agent”, the lowest difficulty level, and using a mixture of speed boosts, a ‘fast gate’ and deliberately getting shot (as the impact pushes you forward valuable frames) you try and get through the stage as quick as you can. 

Fortunately, he was streaming the whole thing on Twitch, so there’s no foolsies here. 

“I f*cking clutched it!” wrote Jobst on Reddit. It had taken 250 hours (and let’s face it, all the cards falling the right way) to get the win.

Despite being a tiny margin, the length of time since the last record was broken has meant that a few bounties have mounted up. 

Plus it’s very important to note that because the game only measures in full seconds, until now, of the 126 people who had reached the magic 53 mark, no one truly knew who had the split fastest time. It’s taken this long for that magic ‘2’ to allow a true champion. 

So can 51 seconds be achieved? Probably not. But then many said that 52 wasn’t possible either, so we shall see. Although there are games with similar speedrunner challenges (the most recent being Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch) it’s Goldeneye that remains the most enduring. µ

Source : Inquirer

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