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Google and LG poised to show off retina-searing OLED VR display

GOOGLE AND LG are in bed together to bump uglies and create a virtual reality (VR) display with a retina-searing 5,550×3,000 120Hz OLED panel.

Or at least that’s according to Road to VR, which reckons the fancy VR display will be revealed at the excitingly-named Display Week 2018.

While there’s no word on the headset the mooted VR display will sit in, it’s already looking like it’ll deal a massive blow to the likes of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Acer’s Windows Mixed Reality headset, all of which have a much lower resolution screen than the proposed 1443ppi panel.

The refresh rate of 120Hz is also nippier than the 90Hz panels found in the aforementioned headsets, so VR experiences and content piped onto the Google-LG display should be pretty damn smooth, and keep people from hurling up their breakfast due to motion sickness.

The display will rock a 4:3 aspect ratio so it will likely fit something akin to the Google Daydream headset, only we suspect that the premium screen will be slid into a pair of VR goggles that are a bit more upmarket than Google’s smartphone-powered headset.

That being said, the display could merely be a proof of concept, much like a lot of LG’s display tech, which garners headlines and has screen nerds salivating but ends up a long way off for hitting the gadget market.

But it’s inevitable that VR displays will go this way, providing the niche tech area keeps ticking along.

Having pixel-dense displays with the ability to deliver nippy refresh rates is one of the keys to making VR experiences more immersive and believable.

In fact, sharp screens and the ability to deliver smooth movement, rather than cutting-edge graphics, are factors some academics attribute to help VR users suspend their disbelief that they are in an elaborate computer program wearing a dopey headset rather than a slick FTL starship.

We’ll have to wait until late May to find out more about the Google-LG display, but things look hopeful for the future of VR screen tech. µ

Source : Inquirer

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