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Google brings ‘Undo Send’ feature to Gmail on Android

GOOGLE IS rolling out one of its best Gmail features to Android users and saving a whole crock of red faces in the process.

The “Undo Send” option, which was added to Gmail for desktop in 2015, is being rolled out in the next version of Gmail for Android, reports Android Police. Its version number will be 8.7.

Strictly speaking, the ‘Undo Send’ option doesn’t do exactly what it says. When it’s activated, it sends your email to the server but doesn’t pass it to the receiving server until a set period has been observed, giving you time to gasp, shriek and hit the ‘Undo’ option.

So it doesn’t actually recall the messages, it just doesn’t send them, meaning it doesn’t have to try and recall them from the other server as with Microsoft Outlook. After all, we all know from bitter experience, that doesn’t work.

Obviously, that doesn’t apply for Gmail to Gmail – in those cases, they are sent straight away, but Google can pull them back completely, though we can’t help feeling that might be the thinner end of the wedge, rather than the “cooling off period” that third-party clients get.

The service was one of the few that was due to transfer over from the more experimental Google Inbox client but hadn’t to date.

It could well be that the rollout of the self-destructing ‘Confidential Mode’ may have interfered with it, and as such, it had to be held back.

With that now fully available (albeit taking a certain amount of flack from critics) its time to start rolling out the final missing pieces.

It’s worth mentioning that just having Gmail 8.7 for Android isn’t enough, and that Google appears to be switching on the service from the servers and you may find yourself having to be a bit patient. μ

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