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Google Chrome’s Dark Theme is coming to Windows 10

GOOGLE CHROME is bringing its long-requested Dark Theme to Windows 10, after debuting it on macOS late last year.

Given that Windows 10 has been capable of supporting Dark Modes for quite a while now, the lack of progress on bringing it to Windows could have been seen as a worrying sign that there was nothing in the offing, however, one of the Chromium team, Senior Engineer Peter Kasting, responding to a question on Reddit has confirmed that the team are very much working on it.

As you’ll note, this is not to be taken as an indicator for Android or iOS, which is a pain, as that’s where it’ll be the most use – not least of all because Dark Mode is a great way to boost battery life – the lighter the palette, the more pixels have to light up.

As MSPoweruser reports, the bugbear has been on Chrome’s radar (thanks in no small part to Kasting himself) for some considerable time, but this is the first solid evidence that something is really being done about it.

Of course, if you’re that bothered, you can always just download a dark theme, but that’s a workaround rather than a solution – the process should be tied into the OS settings, not the whimsy of a theme and that’s the bit that is taking the time to become a reality.

There’s no timescale as yet, and moreover, even when there is a proper dark mode ready for testing, it’ll have to progress through the Canary and Beta channels before it lands as a stable option, meaning that, unless you feel confident in rooting around in the flags menu, it’s likely to be Summer before it’s a viable option.

All that said, we can’t be too hard on Google. Some very major apps have introduced very slap-dash implementations of dark themes in the past, and they quite often make the page utterly illegible. μ

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