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Google Files Go launches on Android as lightweight toolkit

EARLIER THIS week, Google started quietly testing a new app for sharing files, then promptly pulled it when people spotted it appear on the store. Now, it’s back with an official beta version.

Clunkily named Files Go (Beta),  performs a few useful different functions for your Android phone. Primarily, it gives you a simple way to share files between devices when you don’t have a network connection, but the secondary functions seem pretty handy too. 

For example, there’s also a duplicate image finder option that quickly rids you of space-wasting snaps or spam images sent to you on WhatsApp. 

It also provides a whole separate file management tab that gives you quick access to downloaded files, images, videos and any other documents that you have on your device. It’ll even tell you about any apps that you have installed but that you don’t seem to use too. 

If you hadn’t noticed, the whole theme of the app is efficiency – whether that’s sending files, freeing up space or ensuring that you don’t have a whole bunch of apps installed that you never use. Keeping to that theme, the app itself weighs in as less than 6MB to download. 

Without an official announcement from Google of the launch, there’s no telling exactly which countries will be able to use the app once it leaves beta, but in our testing we had no problem downloading and using it in the UK. 

We’ve not put it through its full paces as yet, but having a manufacturer-made toolkit of useful phone management features makes a lot more sense than installing multiple third-party apps to do the same job. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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