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Google Glass still isn’t dead as firm plots second-gen biz model

GOOGLE STILL HASN’T given up on its once-defunct Glass wearable and looks to prepping a second-gen version of its biz-focused goggles.

The original Glass Enterprise Edition that nobody asked for was shown off last year, with Google boasting that the space-age spectacles actually had some business benefits thanks to its hands-free approach and removal of distractions; AGCO managed to reduce production times by 25 per cent by strapping on the goggles, while DHL increased supply chain efficiency by 15 per cent.

While Google managed to persuade more than 50 US business to adopt its face-worn gadget, reports at the time claimed sales of Glass Enterprise Edition were in the “hundreds” only, with many of the wearable’s biggest customers taking on class on a trial-only basis.

Despite this, er, limited success, Google is reportedly having another go; MySmartPrice reports that ‘Glass Enterprise Edition 2’ has received FCC certification, suggesting that it could be officially launched any day now. Yippee.

The filings don’t tell us much about what we can expect from the device, other than the fact it’ll pack Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and will look pretty much identical to its predecessor; sort of like those tiny sunglasses that hipsters wear.

We’ll likely see some upgrades in the specs department, too. When it introduced the first-gen model last year, Google touted that it boasts better battery life and improved performance compared to its since-binned consumer model, along with an upgraded 8MP camera and faster WiFi speeds. 

MySmartPrice reports that Glass Enterprise Edition 2 comes will offer similar upgrades; souped-up battery life is likely on the cards, along with a higher-resolution camera module.

News of the return of Google Glass follows Huawei’s announcement that it’s developing augmented reality (AR) specs, no doubt with its sights set firmly on Apple. µ 

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