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Google opens App Maker tool to all G Suite users

GOOGLE’S APP MAKER tool for creating business apps to mesh in with its G Suite bouquet has left private beta.

Google explains: “Today, we’re making App Maker generally available to help you rethink how your teams operate. App Maker is G Suite’s low-code application development environment that makes it easy for teams to build custom apps to speed up workflows and make processes better.”

The WYSIWYG environment is designed to make sure businesses can create exactly what they need, with a minimum of cost and coding knowledge.

Anyone with a G Suite subscription – Business or Enterprise, as well as Education – can create what they want from a range of templates and prefab tools. It’s not meant to be a no-coding solution, but rather a low-coding solution, so someone knowledgeable is likely to be needed to get any novices ready to roll out.

Once it’s ready though, it can either be stored in G Suite, Google Cloud, or if you want to keep local, any other JDBC database with a REST API.

Google’s motivation is, it says, the fact that “the right custom mobile app can save each employee 7.5 hours per week”. Great if you’re overworked and underpaid. You might get home before midnight.

Think of it as a way of automating all those niggly little processes that slow you down. The more you can automate, the more time you can spend doing the things you’re paid for. It’s exactly the same principle that advocates of AI champion.

Google goes on: “App Maker was created to enable your line-of-business teams to build apps for the jobs these bigger apps don’t tackle. With App Maker, you can revamp company processes like requesting purchase orders or filing and resolving help desk tickets, as if you designed and built the processes yourself.”

Early adopters have included EA and Colgate-Palmolive. µ

Source : Inquirer

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