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Google: Pixel 2 ‘buzzing’ glitch will be fixed via software update

GOOGLE HAS PLEDGED to roll out yet another update to the Pixel 2, this time to fix the ‘weird buzzing sound’ that some users have complained of.

According to one early Pixel 2 adopter on the Pixel community forum, the problem manifests itself as a “high pitch frequency sound and clicking when the screen is on and unlocked with ear up to the device like you are on a phone call.”

Another noted: “I received my white Pixel 2 on Thursday and I have the clicking sound, exactly like the second hand on a watch. It happens on every call and when the screen is unlocked.”

Google has acknowledged the issue, which is different to the previously-reported clicking borkage affecting Pixel 2 handsets, and has said it will shortly roll out a software update to fix it.

“Hey all, We’re rolling out a software update in the coming weeks which eliminates a faint buzzing sound on some Pixel 2 devices when the phone is placed to your ear during a phone call,” reads the note on the Pixel community forum.

Some others on the forum are reporting that Google has sent them a replacement device but this has failed to rectify the issue.

It’s fair to say that the launch of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL hasn’t exactly gone smoothly for Google. As well as the aforementioned ‘clicking’ issue, owners of the flagship Oreo handsets have also complained about a weird blue hue to the screen of the XL, screen burn, black smearing, a lack of operating system installed on their handset, Android Auto crashes and, most recently, a loss of responsiveness at the edges of their Pixel 2 XL.

The launch of its Pixel Buds hasn’t gone too well either. Not only have the translating earphones received poor reviews across the board, it was reported last week that a Google rep had been telling people that if they want to make total wireless earbuds, they can just cut the connecting wire off

Yes, really. µ

Source : Inquirer

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