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Google plans to get Chrome OS and Windows 10 around the campfire

GOOGLE IS planning to allow dual booting on Chromebooks with Windows 10 on a separate partition, according to reports.

XDA Developers has been following the potential for a deal since the rumours began. It has since discovered that a code branch called “campfire” has been added to the Chromium Git, and there is a reference to “Alt OS” which has now been confirmed as Windows 10.

New reports suggest that it will be coming to other Chromebooks besides the flagship Google Pixelbook and will be available to everyone, without any special modes or permissions. We don’t know at this stage whether that means it will be for all Chromebooks, newer models or just Google-branded devices.

The bad news, especially for early Chromebook adopters, is that Campfire and Windows will take up roughly 40GB. Given that some older Chromebooks have 32GB or even 16GB in total, then they’re automatically out of the game.

It’s looking like this is going to be a very straightforward affair to set up, and we’ll most likely get at least a demo when the Pixel 3 and Pixelbook 2 arrive, which is likely to be early October.

But why now? Well, let’s follow this through. Cast your mind back to the late 80s and early 90s. Microsoft was facing some spectacular anti-trust allegations, Apple was running out of rope.

When Steve Jobs returned for his second tenure at Apple, one of the first things he did was sign a deal with Microsoft which eventually led to Bootcamp – the equivalent of Campfire.

Fast forward to now. Google has been facing a barrage of anti-trust accusations. Whilst this is less of a problem on the desktop – most of them are related to Android – Google needs to do a bit of PR.

What better way than to let Windows join up with Chrome OS?

Plus of course, the security of knowing there’s Windows to fall back on will make the £1,000 price tag for the Pixelbook a bit easier to swallow. μ

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