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Google pop-up store clerk advises customers to cut cord on their Pixel Buds

ALTHOUGH THEY are yet to reach these hallowed shores, Google’s Pixel Buds have been put on sale in America with a series of pop-up stores, including one in New York which offered up some somewhat peculiar advice.

According to a Redditor (via Android Headlines) a guy, probably in the employ of Google’s service partner Verizon, has been telling people that if they want to make total wireless earbuds, they can just cut the connecting wire off.


It’s not known at this time if anyone actually took this asinine advice, but given that a number of people actually drilled a hole in their brand new iPhone 7s to bring back the headphone socket when advised, then nothing would surprise us.

Then, of course, someone actually did it for real, but that’s another story.

The Pixel Buds, which are due out in the UK just before Christmas, are the first to feature Fast Pair, a new feature from Google that makes it quicker to pair the wireless wonders with the Pixel 2 range (or any other Bluetooth enabled phone for that matter).

It’s thought that our optimistic string-snipper was probably brought in to man the pop-up without training on the ancillary products, and is probably used to selling just the handsets.

The same report suggests that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have been overcharged for by retailers at different stores, something that Google has promised to reimburse any victims of.

It’s another example of how compared to the relatively polished performance of Apple, whose pricing is linear across retailers and anyone breaking rank is slapped back into line very quickly, Google is still very new at this hardware malarky, with two different phones from two different manufacturers being sold by a disjointed network of carriers operating with Google uniforms on.

It’s all understandable for a company that is, in this respect, in its infancy, but for those of us outside looking in, it’s all looking a bit cringy. µ

Source : Inquirer

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