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Google+ posts will be preserved by The Internet Archive

Google+ posts will be preserved by The Internet Archive

Remember this? No, us neither

THE INTERNET ARCHIVE which specialises in preserving snapshots of webpages before they change or go offline has announced that it is working on preserving Google+ content ahead of the impending shutdown.

Google+ was (and for the next few weeks, is) the company’s most audacious attempt yet to break into social media, but after a number of critical bugs were discovered, Google decided to kill it off, at least to consumers on 9th April.

The Internet Archive will be attempting to automatically back up all posts to the social network that are publicly visible. Anything sent user-to-user won’t make the cut. Ditto anything you’ve already deleted.

Don’t rely on the backups for important stuff like photos and videos – they’ll be stored at low resolution, and if you’ve got a magnificent thread of over 500 comments, then be warned, nobody is entirely sure how the system will cope with that, so best to find another way to back it up locally.

If you were looking forward to having the entire history of those three weeks you actually used Google+ removed, then fret not, you can opt out of the uploads, there are instructions on the site, but basically, the message is ‘delete your account before we back it up – it’s going anyway’.

Google+ had originally be scheduled for shuttering in the summer and it was only after a second major flaw was discovered that it was decided to bring the closure forward to April.

Even so, Google admitted at the time that user engagement was poor. Google+ came late to the market with an offering that wasn’t different enough to lure people from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Google+ will remain as part of GSuite, turning its focus to internal communications networks, more akin to Slack, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace.

The Internet Archive has recently scored a number of successes including the uploading of an entire bazaar of aged coin-op arcade games, available for online play. More recently, it added 25,000 otherwise unavailable 78RPM vinyl recordings. μ

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