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Google promises Works with Nest shutdown is not as bad as you thought

Google promises Works with Nest shutdown is not as bad as you thought

N’est pas de borkage au Google Home

GOOGLE HAS BEEN getting a fair amount of flack since it was revealed that as part of the merger of its Google Devices and Nest divisions, the ‘Works With Nest’ programme which allowed heritage Nest devices to connect to third-party devices was to be shut down.

The move would have seen a whole bunch of current integrations stop working, not least of all IFTTT, which allows it to connect to even more, otherwise unsupported services.

Now Google, never one to sit on a customer whinge has released a clarification of the plans, as well as a stay of execution for existing integrations under an announcement reassuringly headed ‘We’re Listening’. 

The first thing to say is that existing integrations will continue to work, providing you stick to your Nest account – but if (as Google really, really wants you to) you move over to a Google sign-in, that’s it. You’re on “Works with Google Assistant” or nadda.

The closure date given for the Works With Nest programme is now the last day for submitting new integrations. Google would really rather you put your efforts into integrations with Google, but hey, the option is there.

Google has promised to keep us informed if anything changes, the implication being that it will.

The firm has also promised that it will be bringing home/away status to Google later in the year, one of the big things that Nest does that would be otherwise lost.

Alexa owners, have no fear; Google is also working with Amazon to migrate that Nest skill to the new format, and that probably means it’ll be a lot easier to make other integrations tight down the line too.

Says Google: “We know we can’t build a one-size-fits-all solution, so we’re moving quickly to work with our most popular developers to create and support helpful interactions that give you the best of Google Nest. Our goal remains to give you the tools you need to make your home, and those of other Nest users, helpful in the ways that matter most to you.”

The important thing is that it knows it screwed up and it’s working on it, which means its listening and that can’t be all bad, surely. μ

Source : Inquirer

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