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Google quietly cans plans to bring Windows dual-booting to Chromebooks

GOOGLE APPEARS to have cancelled plans to bring a Windows dual-boot option to Chromebooks.

Project Campfire‘, as it was known to Googlers, was first revealed last summer, with indications that it was not only a thing, but a nearly-ready-thing.

However, it appears the dream is dead, for now, after a Redditor spotted that the ‘Alt OS’ code that would have powered the function has been officially depreciated within Chromium. In fact, it appears that there’s been no work on Project Campfire at all during 2019, making the depreciation just a case of ‘dotting the i’.

The Verge suggests that the project was killed off due to the sheer amount of storage that would be needed – 40GB at least, which is more than many Chromebooks have natively in the first place.

With the recent revelation that the forthcoming update to Windows 10 will double the storage requirement, it’s going to be a struggle for some machines that were actually designed to run Windows in the first place.

The difficulty comes from the fact that Chromebooks are cloud-first, where Windows remains a locally sourced code-based system and as such requires All The Storage. As such, a dual-booted Chromebook would actually need the specifications of a Windows machine and most of them don’t cut the mustard.

The issue of dual-booting has been a hot potato for a long time. Microsoft refused to licence proposed machines that would dual boot Windows and Android (though said it wasn’t doing so), and although some grey-market efforts from China got made anyway, it was certainly not with the blessing of the Redmond Massive.

Chromebook owners shouldn’t be too disappointed though. As well as supporting ChromeOS, most modern machines will also run Android apps, and a recent policy change from Google means that they’ll soon all be able to run Linux packages too.

But for anyone hoping to run Windows 10 on a Pixelbook (and those beasts could certainly cope with it), it’s bad times. μ

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