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Google refreshes Drive UI with Gmail-style visuals

GOOGLE HAS started rolling out a new design for Google Drive.

There’s no new functionality at the moment, just a cosmetic tweak designed to give the service’s look more of a continuous feel after the launch of the new Gmail earlier this month.

The new look hasn’t reached everyone yet, but when it does you’ll notice that it gives off a lovely Material Design 2018 glow, a big button for starting a new document, with the multi-coloured Plus symbol, some more colour tweaks (the home screen is now white, not grey) and most notably for corporate users, your logo now appears on the right on the screen, not the left.

This may not please everybody as part of the kudos of paying for G Suite comes in that its bedecked in your company logo. Otherwise, it just looks like you’re just using a free email service for business. The Drive logo is now on the top left instead, as it is for personal users.

Other changes include the font for headers which now looks the same as the email headers in the new Gmail. The settings and help icons are now inline with the search bar.

Google says: “We built that this new interface to create a responsive and efficient experience for Drive users, and to feel cohesive with other G Suite products, such as the recently redesigned Gmail.”

For those without it, don’t fret, your time will come in the next few days. It’s not currently known if the app version of the new look is ready, but we’d bet that it won’t be long before that rolls out too.

Also imminent is the official end of life for the PC/Mac GDrive app. This was superseded last year by the Backup and Sync app for personal customers and the Google Live Stream app for business users. The GDrive app is officially goner from Saturday.

The other big change to G Suite came in February when Hangouts Chat arrived, because: we’ve no idea. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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