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Google reimagines how ‘Home Alone’ would go down with Google Assistant

LET’S GET one thing clear from the outset. This is not standard INQ fodder. But it’s Christmas, and this is so good, we’re actually going to break the rules and write about an advert.

Google has launched a Christmas campaign for the Google Assistant, and de facto, the Google Home range, which brings back a friend from Christmas past, reimagined for 2018.

That person is Kevin McAllister, the kid from Home Alone. Now aged 38, actor McCauley Culkin has revisited the role as Google explores how things would have gone down if Kevin had access to a Google Home.

The new ad takes place in the same house, or at least a very faithful recreation of it, and sees Culkin ordering pizza and telling Google to “keep the change, ya filthy animal” in a callback to one of the most famous lines of the film – you may even have it on a bad-taste Christmas jumper already.

Twitter has been electric with comments about the new ad which has already been retweeted 147,000 times from Culkin’s account alone.

Some have said that “2018 needed this” whilst others suggest that maybe an ad isn’t enough and they should actually make a whole new “Kevin as an adult” movie. Another commenter put it in their “top 5 ads of all time” (Kanye, is that you?).

That said, there’s some concern that Kevin appears to be still living in the same house with his parents, although they’ve missed the point that this isn’t technically meant to be Kevin, but rather McCauley, with hints of Kevin. Either way, it’s a stonking ad – well done Google.

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Source : Inquirer

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