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Google rolls out Snooze and Nudge features for Gmail

GOOGLE HAS begun the rollout of two Gmail features that were trailed as ‘’oming soon’ when the new Gmail launched last week.

Nudges will remind you about emails that are falling further and further down the pile (we all have them) thanks to AI smarts.

If that sounds ghastly, then you can turn them off (they’re on by default) but then we weren’t sure about snoozing emails and that seems to be working out rather well, so perhaps give it a chance?

Meanwhile, the new Offline mode has arrived to save us from the horrible extension that behaved nothing like Gmail and clogged up your hard disk.

The new version which is off by default, ‘just works’ from instigation, unless you turn it off, allowing you to work through emails just as if you were using a desktop client like Outlook.

For the terminally stupid, it’s probably worth iterating that ‘offline’ still means your emails won’t send until you’re back online.

For access, you’ll need to make sure you’re on Chrome 61 with the New Gmail activated and Offline activated in your settings.

These new features join a clutch of others, including Snooze, Confidential (self-destruction) and a refined UI which were made available from launch of the revamp. 

If you’re still using the old Gmail, you can update instantly by clicking the cog icon on your desktop and selecting “Try the new Gmail”.

To begin with, the changes will be entirely voluntary and can be switched off at any time. However, at some point, they will become ‘the norm’.

Many of these new features were originally live-tested in Google’s experimental Gmail interface, known simply as ‘Inbox’.

The new features are rolling out now. If you haven’t got them yet, be patient, these worldwide launches can take a little time – but everyone is getting it, and soon. µ

Source : Inquirer

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