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Google takes a swipe at Windows and Mac with a minute of error messages

‘Who wants a game of Oregon Trail? Anyone… anyone?’

GOOGLE HAS BROKEN the ceasefire in the advertising war against its rivals, with a minute-long advert that does nothing except show you error messages (such as the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) from the Windows and macOS operating systems.

Cast your mind back to the Scroogled campaign of 2012-13 which took direct pot-shots at Google’s fledgeling Chromebooks? Remember how Google protested at the TV Spots? The Scroogled website?

Bit weird that, three years after Mark Penn who masterminded that campaign left Microsoft, it’s Google that is reigniting the war.

There are two issues at play here. Firstly, we’re entering peak time for buying your kids a new laptop for the new school year (some of us had a Casio calculator watch and turned out ok, but let’s not get into that) and so Google has decided to “go hard” with a range that is being increasingly loved in the education sector.

Google knows that Microsoft is very keen to take that space – that’s in part what innovations like S-Mode and a whole education layer of Microsoft Spaces is about.

In fact only a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft sat us down and talked us through how ruddy marvellous Windows is for schools and how great its line of rugged laptops is.

The fact that it’s doing that kind of outreach shows just how sought after the schools market is. After all – teach a child one OS environment and they’ll probably carry on using it when they get their own machine.

Apple has started throwing in free Beats headphones with selected MacBooks and of course, the low-priced Microsoft Surface Go is imminent and squarely aimed at taking a slice of Chromebooks’ dominance in the sector.

The one thing that Google hasn’t done directly is to release a cheap flagship. The Pixelbook with its £999 price tag is certainly not that device. But with an expected raft of new hardware expected from Google in the next couple of months, that could change. µ

For now, just bask in the bitchiness and we’ll see who makes the next move. μ

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