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Google takes aim at Amazon with ‘Home Hub’ smart display

GOOGLE HAS ANNOUNCED the much rumoured Google Home Hub, a smart display with pretty much the exact specs as leaks had suggested.

The 7in screen sits on a “bed” of the familiar hessian style of fabric on the rest of the Hub range – that’s the speaker.

And as suggested, Google has confirmed that the device doesn’t have a camera, as a deliberate strategy to offer wider acceptability in private areas such as bedrooms.

Both YouTube and YouTube Music have been optimised and to celebrate, there are six months of YouTube Premium included.

Parental controls and self-care features are ‘de jour’ with Google right now, and they’re included but more interesting is ‘Home View’, a single dashboard for your smart home gadgets (but with an emphasis of Nest, natch) This will also be coming to mobile phones too, as Google makes a play to be your “one stop shop” smart home dashboard.

Ambient EQ sensors are used to make sure the display is showing the exact tones and contrasts to make the screen readable.

During its downtime, it makes a digital photo frame with deep Google Photos integrations and the ability to make “live albums” of particular people or groups. Machine learning even weeds out blurry, duplicate and otherwise borked photos.

It’s available in some pretentious colour names but we’re talking about black, white, pink and blue, basically. The Google Home Hub is ready for pre-order now, with retail sales starting at the end of the month. US price is $149 – UK ranging is TBC. μ

Source : Inquirer

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