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Google Updates: A desktop Assistant, a multitasking AI and a Yeti

AS EVER on a Friday, here are the Google stories you may otherwise have missed this week.

First up, as we’ve suggested before if Google can get Google Assistant working on Chrome, they’re going to be able to take a huge slab of the voice assistant market.

To that end, a new commit to Chromium seems to suggest that the day is coming soon – albeit to Chrome OS (Chromebook) users, at least in the first instance.

Speaking of Assistant, Sony has just confirmed that its new range of HDR TVs will include Assistant. The company which already runs on Android TV has not suggested that it will be adding the service to older devices.

The DeepMind team has been working on teaching its neural networks how to multitask by playing 57 Atari games at once. If it succeeds in training it, that’ll be women and AI that can actually do more than one thing at once.

There are rumours bubbling up of “Project Yeti”, a streaming service for gamers that would be accessed via Chromecast. Sources suggest it was set for a release last Christmas but was delayed for reasons as yet unknown, though the unexpected success of the Nintendo Switch could have confused everyone.

Determined not to let the fragmented nature of its chat applications be a thing, Google has announced some serious kit for Hangouts Meet to allow it to work better in conference rooms. It’s also planning to make the Jamboard easier to find.

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Pickings are fairly slim in the three-for-free stakes this week. However, we’ve found a few bits of wheat in the chaff.

Call Notes Pro £2.90 is a great idea if you’re like us and get too many phone calls. A pop-up window will allow you to make notes about each caller, so you know next time who they are, what they’re likely to want and even personal information like their birthday. It describes itself as a “simple personal CRM and Caller ID”

Minesweeper Pro £1.29 We’ve still got a soft spot for Minesweeper. It takes us back to the days of playing it when you’re supposed to be working. Right, who said, “last week, then?”. If you want a solid version of the classic with the ads removed, here’s your chance.

MosaLingua Business Spanish £4.99 With MWC a couple of weeks away, it’s time we nailed down the business Spanish. Enter our old friends MosaLingua. So we’ll be all ready to say ‘the conference sandwiches taste like bong water’ like pros. µ

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