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Google Updates: AMP, Lens, free apps

SO THIS week we’ve seen the first release of Android P as a developer preview, so for that and other stories, check here – but here’s some bits you may have missed.

AMP, Google’s fast-loading tech for the web, is being mooted (by Google of course) as a wider solution for the mobile web. Google says it always intended to offer up AMP as a standard but it never quite got there. Then rival standards like Facebook Instant Articles arrived. The idea of a standardised way of making the always-on mobile web better has got to be worth considering though.

One to watch if you’re a music fan. When you’re searching for a musician, they now have the option to add a brief message as part of the knowledge graph (a Tweet of sorts). This might be “check out my new album” or “I’m touring soon” or “Peace Out”. Whether this will be stretched out to other public figures remains to be seen.

Google Lens is rolling out to all Android phones. The spiritual successor to Google Goggles, it offers visual search, OCR and a bunch of other AI-related features like business card scanning and translation, all from within Google Assistant. If you haven’t got it already, it’ll be arriving in an imminent update.

Your three-for-free (actually two-for-free and one already-free)

Super Mario Run (£9.99 £4.99) OK, so we’re stretching the rules with this one, but the fact is, Super Mario Run is a free game. What’s on offer here is half price unlocking of the whole game. Nintendo doesn’t give things away lightly so it’s probably worth a fiver while it’s in the offing.

Speccy (£0.59) Your phone can hear things. Some are the things you can hear, some you are things you can’t. Speccy makes a visual rendering of these things. Some people will find it useful, some people will find it curious fun.

Learn Italian with MosaLingua (£4.99) If you’re a regular reader of this column you’ll know the drill by now – language courses, usually a fiver, free of charge for a limited period – this week – Italian. µ  

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