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Google Updates: Bugs, Easter eggs and loons

WELCOME TO our weekly clearinghouse of news and gossip from the house of Google (and Alphabet). And it’s a relatively quiet one, not least of all because what has broken has been big enough to warrant a full story – you can read those here.

Firstly, the bizarre story of a bug in the Google App. That’s the one that used to be called Google Now. Weirdly, if you type in “” (with two dots) by mistake, it gives you a full list of your messages. Now the chances of you doing that are pretty slim, but it does beg the question, what other unintentional Easter Eggs are there?

Speaking of Easter Eggs – it’s also been found that Google Translate has a nice one. If you type “I am a flat-earther” (someone who believes the earth is flat) and translate it into French, you get “Je suis un fou”  – basically “I am a loon”.

Google says it was an accidental glitch (another one!) and has now been fixed but really… really?

While we’re smashing bugs – earlier this week is was reported that an Uruguayan teen, Ezequiel Pereira, was given a whopping $36,000 from the bug bounty programme, after submitting his fifth bug. This was a biggie, as it would have let users hack into Google’s systems.

He says that “anyone” can do it. Which is easy for him to say. $36k goes a long way in Uruguay.

So yeah, not a hugely busy week, so we’ll leave it there.

Finally this month, we’re turning to the regular readers of this column to help decide (part of) its future. You’ll notice that once again, there’s no free apps. We are on the horns of a dilemma regarding this, so we thought., let’s ask the readers.

When we brought in the “three for free” idea to showcase paid apps that had turned free, it was fresh and bright. Now, it seems that we’re finding it hard to get stuff that’s worth downloading that we’ve not featured once, or in some cases twice before.

So, what do we do? There are a number of options. We could ditch the downloads and go for more news. We could add in apps on sale, but not free. We could add in free apps that aren’t on sale. Or we could take nominations for “must have” apps from you guys – but that means you will have to step up.

Any thoughts on this will be very welcome. µ

Source : Inquirer

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