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Google Updates: Call Santa, mind your manners and clear your Slate

NOVEMBER HAS marched to its inevitable end and its time to look at the stories from the week that you might have missed. Long stories from the week can always be found here.

First this week, if like us, there are a few more Google Assistant powered devices in your house that there were before Black Friday, then you’ll be pleased to hear there’s some new functionality for you.

The main addition is the long awaited “Pretty Please” function which rewards you with more enthusiams if you are well mannered in your requests.

There’s also the option to video call Santa, if that’s your thing. And what does Santa do? He makes lists. He checks them twice. So he’ll love that there’s a list facility dropping as well.

Google Photos has also had an update. The star of that one is Express Quality uploads. For “Express” read “low quality”. But, as Google points out, if you’re only going to print them or even view them in 6×8, you won’t notice. Blowing them bigger is a bigger problem, but if saving your data is an issue, it could be a solution.

Also added is the ability to limit the amount of upload data that Photos is allowed in any given day for those on metered tariffs.

It seems like only yesterday that we were covering the Google Pixel 2018 launch. At the time some of the products weren’t yet available, so it’s glad tidings if you’ve been waiting for the Pixel Slate. It’s finally available and shipping. Additionally the ‘Aqua’ (we just say blue) version of the Home Mini is finally available too.

Finally, this week, can we get an ‘amen’? After years of irritating us with in-app banners and weird pop-ups during videos, YouTube has confirmed that it will turn off annotations altogether on January 15th, so now all you need to grimace at is the pre-rolls. μ

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