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Google Updates: Contacts, Assistant and Pixel 3 rumours

WHILE WE’RE still reeling from the news that Samsung seriously thinks the world still wants Bixby enough to make a Bixby speaker, let’s look at some of the Google news from the week, shall we?

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Starting off with Google Assistant and we’re starting to see what the smart speakers with screens can do, but there’s a lot going on for the rest of us too. You’ll note if you ask for the news, that Google Assistant can now read your preferences from the newly relaunched Google News and tailor to suit, beyond the sources you’ve specified.

Plus, if you use Assistant on your phone you can now enjoy on screen smart home controls too. A nice touch, and though they’re US only, for now, we suspect it won’t be long.

Also new this week – another Android app gets the material treatment. This time its Contacts, which doesn’t have a lot of new functionality, but man, it looks pretty.

We’ve not had a chance to play with Android 9.0 Pie yet. We’re hearing mixed messages over how ready it is. We’ll come back to it, of course, but man, we wish it had a better name.

Rumours suggest that October 4th is the day of the Pixel 3 (and presumably a wealth of other toys). A job ad in Canada stated it explicitly which makes us think… surely not? Android loves secrets and it seems like it’s a massive goof if an employee has blown the gaff.

Another rumour – Google has apparently had to apologise for embedding a phone number into everyone’s contacts – at least everyone on Android in India. It’s not exactly a U2 album but it’s still a bit… weird. Apparently, this has been the case since 2014 but it was only just discovered. Who knew?

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Source : Inquirer

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