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Google Updates: Fuchsia to Honor, Duo to Chromebook, Bootloader-locked Pixels

FRIDAY MEANS another whistlestop through the smaller Google/Alphabet stories of the week. Ready? Let’s go – or if you want to catch up with the big stuff first, go here and come back after.

Right. There’s a sale on in the Play Store. We’re not going to go on about it, but notably, the Play Music section doesn’t offer anything. Google has largely put out to seed since it announced YouTube Music as its eventual successor, but the fact that it is ignoring one of the biggest sales of the year suggests that perhaps that December deadline for the switch isn’t as far-fetched as we thought.

Fuchsia next, and a surprising device has been chosen as the next testing ground for the fledgeling OS. New commits show that it can now be installed on the Honor Play, the budget gaming flagship built on a Huawei/HiSilicon Kirin 970, the same chip as the Huawei P20 Pro.

This isn’t just the first Kirin device to be tested, it’s the first consumer mobile full stop, and now its done, there’s every chance we’ll see other Kirin devices ready for Fuchsia very quickly. Shame Google still won’t tell us what it’s for.

Google Calendar news – and if you’re still relying on SMS reminders from Google Calendar, some bad news. Two pieces actually. First of all, you’re living in the past, sorry. Second of all, Google is switching the service off at the end of January 2019, so it’s time to start working out how to use Push notifications instead. Get with the programme people.

A new feature in Google Play to report and it’s a great one for us hacks who have to change their phone on a regular basis in order to review it for you lovely lot. Now, when you set up a new phone, the Play Store will offer up a list of the apps you had installed and lets you select at a granular level what you want to bring over.

Pixel users have a mixed bag this week. Google has confirmed that transcriptions from the call screening feature that is offered by the flagship range is rolling out soon to all Pixel 3, 2 and equivalent XL models. Original Pixels may follow, but there’s no news on that.

But many have complained that they are being issued devices without an unlockable bootloader, something that has already caused ruptions when Huawei announced it was to do the same earlier this year. Google hasn’t confirmed it is doing this and moreover has denied any plans for such a policy, but seeing is believing. For whatever reason, it’s happening.

A quick note on Chromebooks and Google Duo, the inexplicably separated video calling service that sits alongside the myriad of other messaging apps from Google. It now appears that, at last, Duo works on all Chromebooks, making what is supposed to be a flagship service just that bit more usable.

Finally, if you’ve not set up the Find My Phone feature on your device, now is the perfect time. Google has upgraded the service so now you can find where it is within a building. Great if you have a messy desk. Not that we’d know. Honest. μ

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