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Google Updates: Of eSIM and egg salad emojis

WELCOME TO the weekly clearinghouse of Google tittle-tattle that didn’t make it into a longer form news like these stories did.

First this week, Chromebooks, which are looking increasingly likely to be the future of tablets for the company (though after last week’s panic, the tablet section of the Google Play Store has been returned).

Word has it that Google is working on eSIM support – which means you can set up an account and start using the internet, no SIM required. Also on the table is support for Project Fi, Google’s own fibre-to-the-anywhere service, though that looks like it could be further out.

Also on Chromebooks, this week the Samsung Chromebook Plus became the second device to get Linux app container support, previously announced for the Pixelbook. A few others have also come up as Linux ready since, too. It’s worth mentioning, however, that this is all experimental and be prepared to be really frustrated getting them set up.

If you’re a hood-tinker-underer you can also test the forthcoming new look for Chrome (including the browser version). We’re not going into specifics, so you can’t blame us, but sufficed to say – change one flag.

In “what? really?” news, Google has confirmed it is to remove the egg from its egg salad emoji in the forthcoming Android P release. Why? Because vegans. Google is all about the inclusivity, they tell us.

Less inclusive is the decision by YouTube to remove a whole bunch of gambling channels for violation of terms of service this week with no warning. Much as we love to see ‘influencers’ forced to get a real job, some of them have thrown their own money into building a channel and are seriously out of pocket, which is less cool. Fortunately, many are successfully appealing the decision, and balance will be returned to the blogsphere.

Heads up that from 14 June, log-in screens from Google will look a bit different, as they’re finally getting a Material Design makeover. So don’t panic, you’ve not been pwned.

Also new, is a direct shortcut app for Google Lens. You don’t need it, you can access Google Lens without it, direct from your camera, but having a shortcut is definitely handy.

That’s it. Thanks for the comments about future app reviews. We’ll make a decision in the next couple of weeks. µ

Source : Inquirer

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