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Google Updates: Pay by Gmail, Allo in Windows, Doctor in the House

RIGHT THEN, another week of Google goodness. As ever, the big news we’ve covered is here, but there are loads more we haven’t, so let’s rectify that.

As Ring prepares to get swallowed up in the black hole of Amazon, Google’s Nest has finally released its smart lock and doorbell combo, complete with integration to Google Assistant. It’s US-only to begin with, but it’s coming.

YouTube is full of conspiracy videos and it sucks. Fortunately, Google knows this. Soon, if you watch a “Lunar Landing was a sound stage” type stuff, you will get a Wikipedia link with information about exactly why what you’re watching is probably a load of old tosh.

Google Pay Send (what was Google Wallet) has been added to Gmail so you can send money straight from your emails. With Google Pay rolling out as a replacement for Android Pay, Google is looking for more ways to integrate it, with PayPal clearly in its sights.

Finally, as much as we complain about it, Allo is here to stay. At the moment, it requires a phone to use the desktop edition (a la Whatsapp) but we’re hearing that I/O may yield a build that works independently like Hangouts. And that’s when we’ll start to see it as a valid competitor. Maybe.

Three for free? Alright then.

Doctorify (£6.99) we’re still not sure if this is a joke or not. Apparently, this is an app that gives you a virtual assistant aimed at doctors. It creates a PDF for each patient record. We… well, we’re not quite sold yet as there’s very little mention of security, but it’s so bizarre, we thought we’d mention it.

Dim Night Mode Screen (£2.19) If you don’t already have a way to shift the spectrum of your phone screen to filter blue light, you’re risking your sleep and risking your sleep risks your health. Although more modern phones have a night mode built in, it’s not standard yet, so do yourself a favour. Sweet dreams.

Order: The Memory Challenge (£1.89) Brain training games have gone a bit quiet in recent times, but they’re still great fun and serve a purpose. This one is focused on memory, and while there are other more rounded ones, this is a good place to start.

As always, these prices are temporary and could go up at any time. µ

Source : Inquirer

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