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Google Updates: Play Store borkage, Chromebooks get rooted, cheap apps are back

WELL, WE PROMISED that app recommendations would return, and fter a certain amount of dithering, they’re back. No longer three-for-free though. We’re going to look for bargains too – not just free, but on sale.

Elsewhere there’s some tidbits of Google news that didn’t make it into our regular coverage which you can find here. Let us begin.

Chromebook rooting: Fans of rooting will love this. A group has found a way to root the Android subsystem of Chromebooks. That means you have a lot more scope to play about with things like Xposed. More info is here.

App of the week #1: Tennis In The Face is down to 99p this week from the usual £2.49. It’s a fairly silly Angry Birds-esque affair involving destroying things with a bat and ball. 10Tons have done this better with King Oddball, but it’s still a good romp for 99p.

Licence borkage: Earlier this week, the Google Play Store was updated with an erroneous bug meaning that licensing of purchased products stopped working. In other words, if it was paid for, you could have lost access to it. It’s fixed now, but it serves as a reminder of how one error can bring everything crashing down.

Also worth pointing out that a lot of developers have said that their revenue has slumped since Google “refined its algorithm” for the Play Store. We know that feeling.

App of the week #2: Although Battlewords is free instead of £1.69 this week, it’s still the brain-crunching online Boggle-a-like challenge you’ve been after. Just a heads-up though, there are still in-app purchases. As Janice once said, “Well… I gotta buy a vowel”.

Essential updates: Although Essential has been struggling a bit recently, it has just sold itself very well to fans of speedy updates. Google sent out OTA updates last week. Essential issued them to punters just hours later.

That’s how you do it. Unlike LG, who this week announced a phone running Nougat. Really.

App of the week #3: TextGrabber is a fully fledged OCR reader, which is already handy, but it can also do the Google Lens thing of picking up text from photos and the like. It’s usually £4.29 but its currently free and worth an investment.

More next week – you can always give us a shout to recommend an app or tip us the week about some news about Google, Android or the wider Alphabet offering. μ

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