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Google Updates: Red spots, selfie control, and budget apps

Google Updates: Red spots, selfie control, and budget apps

Google News spreads like rabbits

WE DIDN’T want you to miss a week of Google Updates, so as its a public holiday in Blighty tomorrow, we’re bringing it forward to Thursday. As ever though, if you want to see the long-form Google stories of the week, you can go here.

The Pixel Camera is our starting point this week, As ever with Pixel, the AI software is doing the heavy lifting here, with a new feature that will remove the shutter button’s effect during selfies, and automatically grab a shot when everyone is living their best face. It’s part of the Photobooth setting and the best bit? You can turn it off.

Eurostar (not a typical start of a sentence in this column) has just announced it is the first UK train company that will let you save your tickets directly into Google Pay. Expect others to follow. You can also hook Google Pay to your Gmail if you want to suck in even more loyalty cards and tickets.

A neat little addition to Google Play Store here – you can now set a budget, allowing you to better control your spending on things like in-app purchases. The same effect can be achieved by buying yourself a gift card, but… meh, this is easier.

A Googler working at the Mountain View campus has been diagnosed with measles, which as you are probably aware is highly infectious and on the rise. Suddenly, we’re not as upset at not getting an invite to Google I/O.

YouTube has taken a lot of flack this week in the wake of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire after its AI recommendations started throwing up “if you like this” links to videos about 9/11. Too soon guys.

We’ve already confirmed that the much-leaked Pixel 3a is coming on 7 May as part of I/O. However, we also expect some more out-of-cycle hardware news, with the rumoured Google Home Hub upgrade, under the name Nest Home Hub, also likely to break cover at that time.

Finally this week, it’s expected that software updates are going to move in the future, coming directly from the Google Play Store, not from your settings. Our only question is how this will affect people in countries without access. We’ll find out in the fullness of time.

Happy Egg Day. Back to normal next week with a Friday update or three, one of the last and therefore increasingly difficult to fill before I/O. μ

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