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Google Updates: Sidebar, Pixel 3 is everywhere and Chromecast

TIME FOR another round-up of the best of the rest from Mountain View’s finest. As ever, if you fancy some longer stories from the week, you can find them here.

So, we’d be fools to pretend the Pixel 3 security issues weren’t happening. After “caught in plain sight” shots of the new Google flagship phone, it now seems that they’re actually available to buy on the black market. It has to make you wonder – did Google mastermind this? Has it been seeding phones to create even more buzz? We have a hunch that this isn’t a series of accidents.

A few Google app updates – Google Fit has had a big revamp with a Material design and a bunch of new features, developed with the World Health Organisation. Still no option to select ‘crisp eating’ as a fat burning activity.

Google Calendar and Google Docs are being used to test out a new sidebar which gives quick access to the rest of G Suite. It’s similar to the one rolled out in Gmail when that was revamped, suggesting that eventually, it’ll come to the whole lot.

Arguably Google’s best product, the Chromecast is looking likely to get some love this year. Latest FCC filings suggest a much better WiFi connection and for the first time, Bluetooth.

Despite withdrawing the newly bestowed dark theme last week, there’s still a lot of love for Messaging, the stock Google app for SMS, widely expected to be expanded to become the iMessage of Android.

As Allo is rested, questions over the integration of Assistant formed a part of the chat app before it was part of the operating system. It certainly looks like Messaging is getting Allo’s hand-me-down.

Finally this week, as the hoo-ha about Google’s possible Chinese search engine dies down a little, another part of Alphabet sets down roots. Waymo has opened a China office. Jus’ sayin’. μ

Source : Inquirer

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