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Google Updates: Why Google Home hates Lorde and more free apps

SO WE hope you managed to pick up some Black Friday bargains on apps in last week’s special. If not (or you want more, don’t worry, there are some more free apps later in the article). But first a round up of things in Google that you may have missed. Because that’s what we do here.

Remember the AIY Voice Kit that Google released for the Raspberry Pi a while back? It went on the front of MagPi magazine and sold out in… like… minutes. Well, now there’s a new one – the AIY Vision kit. This allows you to create a simple version of the concepts behind things like the self-driving car, powered by Google’s Tensorflow. It’ll be out at the end of the year for around £40.

Google Assistant is getting an update in the US which will allow the nameless one to suggest a series of screened and recommended providers of services (say, a plumber) when required. Some have expressed concern that this is essentially monetizing search results but Google is emphasising the word “screened” suggesting there is a clear quality threshold.

The Google Home Mini is a lovely beast, but it’s not without its bugs. The latest is that it has taken a dislike to Lorde. Playing her song “Royals” causes a system crash. Actually, it’s not the only song, and it’s only when you have the volume maxed out, but some frequency somewhere appears to be causing it to go haywire.

Rumours are emerging that Google is planning to absorb home security company Nest. Although it has owned the company for several years, it has always been treated as a separate entity. Now, however, multiple sources are reporting that the company is considering adding Nest’s assets to its hardware division to create a more rounded offering.

Finally, this week, if you’ve not already seen, Google’s new app Datally has been released. It allows Android users to have more granular control over their data usage by clever use of some VPNs (ie everything gets run via Google – there’s a surprise). What it will be particularly useful for is roaming in countries that you don’t mind running up a bit of a bill in, but don’t want everything updating in the background.

Oh yes – and the cheeseburger emoji with the cheese under the bun? Yep. That’s fixed.

So your Friday freebies – as ever these are temporarily free games and could go back up at any time.

Fans of the TV show that got really crap at the end will love Dexter Slice (£3.69) brought out to celebrate the shows 10th birthday. It’s a bit like Fruit Ninja, but you have to swipe and swish loads of pointy stabby things. Eww.

We featured MosaLingua language apps before. They are quite regularly knocked down in price, one language at a time. Today it’s the turn of Learn German with MosaLingua (£4.99). So if you fancy learning what “Das ist eine Kasekuchen mit Currywurst” means, then this could be the app for you.

Finally, if you fancy having access to 40,000 global news sources at your fingertips, meet Newtification News (£5.49). Despite its rather weird name, it offers you a choice of news sources from around the world tailored to your own interests and needs. You can share stories, block sites and words you don’t want to be included and get pop-ups when something is happening near you. µ

Source : Inquirer

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