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Google Updates: Windows on Chromebooks and Google Smart Displays are coming

HERE BE another collection of Google stories we didn’t get to earlier in the week. It’s what we do on Fridays. If you want to see the long-form stories about Google from this week, they’ll be at the top of this list.

Starting with the Google Play Store, and word is coming in that developers can, in some cases, see an option that would allow them to give partial refunds for apps or subscriptions. There are loads of good reasons for this – perhaps the developer has to take the app offline temporarily, or perhaps the magazine they subscribed to has stopped its print edition.

And that’s not to mention the thought of sticky fingers setting things up in error.

With not long left until the first raft of Google Smart Displays hit the shops, there are some new options for them in the Google Home app. Notably, it has started showing the skills that will work with smart screens in the menus.

Amongst the other skills for the range that will kick off with Lenovo’s entries next month are YouTube (take that Alexa) and Duo video calling.

Although we’re a long way from any official word on the subject, we’d also expect a Pixel branded smart display to be in the pipeline later in the year as well.

One thing we’ve definitely not seen yet is an official Pixel/Nexus branded Watch OS device. Apparently though, the problem of call routing through your watch, which we thought was just us, is an ongoing problem – and it has been for over six months. At the moment it’s not even worth trying. But we’ll keep you posted if we hear of a fix. The important thing is that it’s definitely not just you either.

It seems that the Pixelbook may be getting a second lease of life. Google and Microsoft are apparently in talks to give Windows certification, which could lead to a dual-boot option between Windows and Chrome OS. Suddenly the Chromebook looks worth the £1000 again.

Google Assistant has had an upgrade which means all devices, including Google Home can now handle three instructions in one go. This already makes the voice assistant more adaptable than the average Currys sales clerk.

It’s been a pretty quiet week so we’ll end there. More next Friday. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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