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Google Updates: You may have a Google Home and didn’t know, plus some free Android apps

WHAT CAN there possibly be to talk about the week before MWC?

The truth is, not a huge amount that we haven’t told you already.

But not nothing. For a start, fresh from its absorption into the spongey clutches of Google, Nest has added support for Google Assistant in its Nestcam IQ – and no, not that one can talk to the other- you can actually use the camera as a Google Home device. We’ve been trying to set it up all afternoon, but we’re told it definitely works. 

And speaking of Google Assistant, the second visualisation (video result) has been added. If you ask Google Assistant to show YouTube results on a particular screen, it will use Chromecast or Android TV to display them, not just say them. You can already do something similar for weather.

Finally, we’re awash with things that may-or-may-not be about to happen to range from the sublime (soon we’ll have proper integration between Chrome and Android just like Apple devices do) to the ridiculous (Android P is called ‘Poo Sweets’). We’ll sit back and see what happens, but we can be sure that at least some of them are about to gain ground during MWC.

Three-for-free this week kicks off with the sublime Little Stars for Little Wars (1.09) which is a cracking little real-time strategy game. With 162 levels of quasar dragging action, you’ll be amused for hours.

if you’re quick, there’s Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2 (0.59), a first-person shooter that looks suspiciously like a hangover from the 16-bit era but still manages scares-a-plenty for those of a nervous disposition. This one finishes Saturday though.

Finally, a quick utility – PDF Converter (0.79) – does exactly what it sounds like – it converts PDFs to jpg or png files – which on mobile is often a much more useful way to receive stuff.

As ever with these apps, timing is everything – they will be going back to full price, some sooner than others, but once you have them, they’re yours.

If you want to suggest a game or app that’s temporarily free, for this feature, you can always Tweet us or leave a message in the comments. µ

Source : Inquirer

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