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Google Updates: YouTube is worse than Bieber / Pixel 3 Delays / Nvidia does SAMBA

AS WE limp ever closer to Christmas, there’s still an absolute glut of stuff going on at Google/Alphabet towers and we’re the people to bring it to you. As ever, this is the news in brief – if you want to read the longer stories about Google this week, you can look (and bookmark) here. Avanti.

First up, there seems to be a problem with supplies of the Pixel 3. Many Black Friday orders that were given an ETA for delivery have had it removed, with no replacement timescales offered. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to what is being delayed, and the advice from the Big G is to wait it out and don’t pester them. Splendid stuff.

But there are alternatives. A year after it first agreed, Amazon has started selling Google hardware again, starting with the newest iteration Chromecast. Amazon had pulled everything (though it was still available sporadically through third party sellers) in a spat with Google that was resolved this time last year, but today marks the first time we’ve seen evidence of them following through.

Google Chrome is also getting an update, with a much requested feature, just added to the codebase. It will allow you to close all your tabs in one hit, and we’re all for that. There’s no indication when this will be available in the Canary channel, let alone the stable one, so give it a few months, yeah?

The little Android TV device that could (and could, and could) has launched one of its most useful features yet. The Nvidia Shield TV has hit version 7.2 and the new download brings SMBv3 support. Put simply, this means that the console will be visible to Windows devices allowing you manage files stored on it like any other remote drive. That’s something no other device of its type can boast right now and should be flippin’ useful.

Files by Google, which has graduated from being a Google One app to the official file manager has been updated to show external devices from USB. So if you’ve got some OTG to get out of your system, now is your chance. Third party file managers have been doing this for a while, but the love for FbG has been significant and this could tempt those on the fence to make the switch.

If you’ve got a first generation Pixel device and you’ve been looking on with jealousy at the Call Screen service that takes your calls for you when you just don’t want to answer, is now rolling out for you too. The Pixel exclusive (for now) feature has already hit the Pixel 2 and 3 ranges.

Finally, congratulations to the new holder of “most disliked video on YouTube”. The winner is… erm… YouTube itself, whose 2018 Rewind video has been heavily panned for creating a sanitised advertiser friendly video that doesn’t reflect the ‘real YouTube’. Pew Die Pie is missing for a start. Can’t think why. Point is, officially, there is now something worse than Justin Beiber. And you can take that to the bank. μ

Source : Inquirer

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