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Google will purge cryptocurrency ads come June

GOOGLE IS GETTING GRUMPY about cryptocurrencies and will ban adverts about them come June.

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, the search giant will clamp down on any ads promoting cryptocurrencies, their exchanges and wallets, along with companies that look to offer advice about digital money investments.

The move comes as part of Google’s report on banning bad adverts, where is revealed that in 2017 it removed 100 “bad ads” per second.

“In 2017, we took down more than 3.2 billion ads that violated our advertising policies. That’s more than 100 bad ads per second! This means we’re able to block the majority of bad ad experiences, like malvertising and phishing scams, before the scams impact people,” said Scott Spencer, Google’s
director of sustainable ads.

“We blocked 79 million ads in our network for attempting to send people to malware-laden sites, and removed 400,000 of these unsafe sites last year. And, we removed 66 million “trick-to-click” ads as well as 48 million ads that were attempting to get users to install unwanted software.”

And that focus is being directed towards crypto advertising as well as other unregulated financial products such as binary options. Google is also honing in on adverts promoting gambling and ads that make a song and dance about health products and schemes that are rather illegitimate.

Alongside Facebook, Google has one of the largest advertising networks in the world, so for a company or ad to be banned form either or indeed both, can be a major blow to product and service promotion.

For users of the services, this additional level of scrutiny being placed on online advertising is likely welcomed as it prevents crud such as “Ellen DeGeneres adopts a baby elephant!” from popping up in search results and amid social network feeds.

Of course, purging misleading adverts is one thing; getting rid of irritating ones is another matter altogether.

For example, who do we have to yell at for Apple to get rid of that ridiculous ad where a post-millennial girl with an iPad Pro asks what a computer is. Or that ridiculous HomePod ad that has hipster Cupertino cultists getting overexcited and frothing up their soya macchiatos. µ

Source : Inquirer

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