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Google will soon let devs force you to update Android apps as you use them

GOOGLE HAS ANNOUNCED some new features for the Android App Bundle tool which will allow users to carry on using apps even whilst they are updating.

Additionally, developers can now full-screen messages asking the user to update the app immediately, unless they’re prevented by a metered connection or the battery is too low.

For less urgent stuff, the new tools will let the app update in the background, even while it’s being used. The app is then updated when the app is closed.

What it does do, however, is ensure that users can keep using the app indefinitely, rather than be stuck in a remote location with an edge connection (yes, some places still have those) waiting for a 48MB app to update.

Meanwhile, the developer can ensure that they have done everything that they can to ensure that users have the most up to date version because the app can be pushed to install in the background using the automatic updates feature.

OK, so it’s not exactly “updating as you use” as Google implies, but it’s as near as dammit.

Google remains under pressure to ensure that its Wild West approach to the Play Store doesn’t cause additional problems for users. Android is the cause of the vast majority of malware in the world these days, and the main cause is unofficial downloads and out of date apps.

Google has already attempted to address this by allowing users to update sideloaded apps (without wares) to the latest Play Store version. Additionally, in June, it began adding DRM to apps in the Store to make it more difficult to create sideloadable APKs that could be swimming in warez or worse.

The new features will be rolled out to a number of developers who are considered “partners”. It will then expand further, before eventually being available to all. μ

Source : Inquirer

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