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Google’s ad-blocker for invasive adverts will kick in on Thursday

GOOGLE WILL start rolling it out its ad-blocking technology in the Chrome browser starting tomorrow with Chrome 65.

The result will be a drop of around 17 per cent in displayed adverts, as it removes anything that doesn’t conform to the Better Ads standards set out by the Coalition for Better Ads.

The idea is not to block adverts in the traditional “let’s starve the revenue of the site because we think everything should be free” sense, but rather the “adverts are important, but some of them are absolutely ridiculous and intrusive, so let’s nip that in bud” sense.

This is in addition to the blocking of Flash advertising, which began in 2015.

If advertisers flout the rules and get themselves a block/ban, it is likely to take the form of a 30-day sin bin while they get their shiz in order. It offers tools to help advertisers check that they are in compliance.

You can choose to opt out of the ‘SAFE_BROWSING’ flag in settings of the latest version of Chrome, but it will be enabled by default.

For a company built on advertising revenue, this may feel like a bit of an own goal, especially when you consider that Chrome will even block adverts served up by Google companies if they don’t meet the required standard.

But Google also knows that customer is king and if it wants to keep its huge lead in the browser wars, it is going to have to keep on keeping the customer satisfied.

Build into the system is an option for webmasters to give the option to let users go ad-free for a fee, or re-enable adverts. The idea is to give people a choice as to how their sites are funded without an obligation.

Blocking will be live on both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome and will roll out to US and EU markets in the first instance.

Last year Google was forced to remove a fake version of Adblock Plus for spreading even more invasive ads. µ

Source : Inquirer

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